Get Access to QC Navigate


Access to QC Navigate Staff is available to QC faculty and staff and to students who serve as peer advisors, tutors, or front desk representatives in offices using the platform.

FACULTY: course instructors automatically have access to Navigate, but this access is limited to the Navigate Instructor role. Faculty who also have advising responsibilities may need to apply for additional roles.

STAFF: Staff will need to apply for one or more roles to access Navigate.

STUDENTS: Students who serve as tutors or peer advisors, or work in student service offices in a front desk/reception role, will need to apply for access to Navigate. Students will automatically have a Student role in Navigate.

Important Note for Students and Employees on RF Lines

Users must have an active record in CUNYfirst Human Capital Management (as an employee or a person of interest/POI). Most students and employees on Research Foundation (non-tax-levy) lines will need to request a POI record from the QC Human Resources office in order to get access to QC Navigate.

CUNY Navigate Access Request Form

("EAB Access Request Form" in CUNY Systems Access Forms)
CUNY CIS requires all requests for access to CUNYfirst and related systems, including Navigate, to include a Confidentiality Agreement Code.

Role Request Workflow

  1. Complete the top portion of the form, adding either a written signature or your Confidentiality Agreement Code to the form.

  2. Complete the supervisor information and send your form to your supervisor as an email attachment. The email to your supervisor should request approval by forwarding your email with a statement of approval to QC's campus approver for approval.

  3. The campus approver will forward the request to the college help desk to create a CRM ticket.

  4. The CRM ticket will be assigned directly to the college's Application Security Liaison (ASL) for most roles, or for Central Office approval, for certain roles.

  5. The ASL will apply the role(s) to the user in CUNYfirst. The following day, the roles will automatically be applied to QC Navigate.

QC Campus Approver: James (Jim) Curry (

QC Application Security Liaison: Ramon (Ray) Rivera (

Guidance for Role Selection

Roles for Faculty

    • Chairs and full-time faculty who serve as academic advisors:



    • Other full-time faculty who need to communicate with students beyond those in their own class (e.g., for program recruitment):

    • All other faculty (full- or part-time) have the Instructor role assigned automatically.

Roles for Support Personnel

Staff in some units will need multiple roles, e.g., SEEK, CUNY EDGE, Veteran Support if their advising crosses care units (academic advising, career, financial aid, and academic support).

Please confer with your supervisor if you're not sure which role to select when a choice is available.

CUNY students employed at Queens College are permitted to have these roles only:

    • CU_EAB_Peer_Advisor

    • CU_EAB_Tutor

    • CU_EAB_Front_Desk

Academic Advisors

CU_EAB_Acad_Advisor OR CU_EAB_Acad_Adv_Ltd

Kiosk operators and staff supervisors also need: CU_EAB_Front_Desk

Student/Peer Advisors and Mentors


Career Advisors

CU_EAB_Career_Advisor OR CU_EAB_Career_Adv_Ltd

Kiosk operators and staff supervisors also need: CU_EAB_Front_Desk

Financial Aid Advisors

CU_EAB_FA_Advisor OR CU_EAB_FA_Adv_Ltd

Academic Support Staff (e.g., Learning Commons)

Director or Manager: CU_EAB_Tutor_Admin

Kiosk operators and staff supervisors also need: CU_EAB_Front_Desk

Tutors: CU_EAB_Tutor

Front Desk/Reception/Schedulers